Smart Weather Data
to empower Agriculture

From the plot level up, Weenat brings you essential information on the weather, soil and plants. Key data to help you predict climate hazards and optimize the management of your organization.

Collect your agro-weather data with our precision solutions tailored to agricultural professionals: Sensors connected to the Weenat app, Weather API, Custom mapping and studies…

Facing today and tomorrow’s challenges

By having a better understanding of the agronomic, soil and weather parameters from the plot level up.


Manage and make decisions for this season

Manage your irrigation
Predict the risk of frost
Supply your DSTs with reliable and accurate weather data


Make long-term decisions for your land

Optimize resources on your land
Invest in the right place at the right time
Adapt to climate change

Supporting you with the best agro-weather solutions

Connected sensors

Irrigation, frost, weather: a range of 10 connected sensors right by your crops.

Weather API

A reliable, high-performance API with over 40 weather parameters and 150 agronomic indicators available.

Mobile App

The best agro-weather app to visualize agro-weather data live on your plots.

Custom studies and mapping

Gain a better understanding of your land and the impact of the weather on your crops.

Transforming data into understanding

With Weenat, you can access a range of reliable and accurate data. And make decisions tailored to conditions on the ground.

Carte de l'écart à la normale du cumul des précipitations - Occitanie

Save your water resources

Optimizing your water resources in farming is proving to be one of the major challenges for the coming years. With Weenat, you can precisely manage your irrigation, make your resource last all through the season and develop strategies for future seasons. < Our


Adapt your practices and investments

The tools and solutions offered by Weenat give you a better overview of the agro-weather conditions on your plots and land. This means you have the essential information for developing your practices and investments long-term.


Save time when making decisions

The weather is at the heart of farming decisions. Whether you’re trying to find the right intervention window for sowing or know when to start irrigation, the real-time information available on the Weenat app let you make decisions tailored to the conditions on your plots.


Anticipate climate hazards

Farming today has to face harsher climate hazards, more often. To answer questions from agricultural branches and better understand the weather variability on your land, Weenat is developing solutions to help you assess the impact of climate change at the farmland scale.


We’re trusted by over 20 000 users

Hear their stories

“If you get to the water stress stage, it’s already too late. That’s why I set up an alert to warn me if I haven’t been vigilant enough.”

Stéphane Dahirel
Field crop farmer in Morbihan, north-west France

“The Weenat frost sensor lets me know when to switch my tools on and when to call my team. I get nearly an hour and a half more sleep every night, which really makes a difference.”

Marie-Françoise Ratron
Winegrower in Anjou, south-east France

“The attraction of having connected weather is that you get the information instantly, without having to go out to your plots. That lets us save time, and make the right decisions.”

Olivier Curel
Fruit-grower in Vaucluse, south-east France

Weenat, Europe’s leader in agro-weather data

Since 2014, the Weenat team has had only one goal: helping farmers face climate change by providing them with reliable and accurate weather data on what’s really happening on their plots.

And today ?

And today?

Our mission is still the same, apart from one thing: we want to help EVERY farmer, in France but also in Europe.
Thanks to our tools (API for weather data, agro-weather appsensors, etc.), our users have accurate information to make the right decisions, optimize their resource management and predict climate hazards.


50 experts

in data science, meteorology, data architecture, agronomy, soil science, supply chains…


over 160


20 000

Sensors in Europe

1 billion

data points analyzed every day

Our areas of expertise

To provide you with reliable, accurate and enriched data in France and in Europe, we gathered a team of experts from every field: data scientists, developers, engineers, agronomists…


Discover Weenat

photo d'illustration du projet d'innovation Meteoria
Innovation : Water management

Weenat is innovating and changing scale to provide all agricultural branches with key data for the coming years.  

photo d'illustration du projet d'innovation Meteoria
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