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Which weather solution is made for you?

Choose from our 4 agro-weather solutions

Manage and optimize your irrigation

Monitor the water status of your plots and optimize your irrigation system. Make sure you’re irrigating in the place, at the right time.

Predict and monitor frost on your plots

Be ready for spring frosts and activate your defense mechanisms at the right time!

Monitor the weather on your plots

With Weenat, check the real-time agro-weather data for your plots with or without sensors.

Protect your crops from bio-aggressors

No more going back and forth between your plots to treat your crops. With Weenat, you know when and where to treat at a glance!

All the agro-weather data you need, in a SINGLE app

The Weenat app supports you day to day and helps you to make the best decisions for your crops

Plan your interventions remotely

Your time is valuable. Check the weather on your plots in real time directly via your phone or computer to avoid unnecessary trips.


Keep an eye on your crops 24/7

Get one step ahead of the weather. Thanks to our personalized alerts, you can monitor the key agro-weather parameters for your operations without a second thought. Weenat warns you by email, text message or push notification in case of climatic variation on your plots.


Improve your treatments’ effectiveness

Make the weather your closest ally. With Weephyt, you only treat when conditions are ideal. Connect to the best decision support tools on the market to apply the right dose, in the right place and at the right time.


Get alerts in case of frost on your plots

Thanks to Weenat’s frost alerts, you can configure the minimum safe temperature for your crops.
As soon temperatures fall below this threshold, Weenat will warn you by phone, email or text message. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Always in your pocket

From your morning coffee until dinner, the weather on your plots is always close at hand with Weenat. Discover the features of Weenat’s agro-weather app for free and with no time limit.

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Hear their stories

“If you get to the water stress stage, it’s already too late. That’s why I set up an alert to warn me if I haven’t been vigilant enough.”

Stéphane Dahirel
Field crop farmer in Morbihan, north-west France

The Weenat frost sensor lets me know when to switch my tools on and when to call my team. I get nearly an hour and a half more sleep every night, which really makes a difference.”

Marie-Françoise Ratron
Winegrower in Anjou, south-east France

“The attraction of having connected weather is that you get the information instantly, without having to go out to your plots. That lets us save time, and make the right decisions.”

Olivier Curel
Fruit-grower in Vaucluse, south-east France

We show you how it works?

Activate your account for free

Download the Weenat application on your mobile or web browser at app.weenat.com. Then create your account in a few clicks. It’s free!

Create your plots in a few clicks

Once connected, draw your plots to access ultra-localized agro-meteorological data. If you wish, you can connect to your sensors or join a network of partner sensors.

Access reliable and accurate agro-meteorological data

Consult your plot data in real time and benefit from the decision support tools developed by Weenat and its partners.

Which weather solution should I choose?

Answer this questionnaire and find out which solutions suit your needs.

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