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Our agro-weather sensors for agricultural professionals

Water availability, soil temperature, rainfall, air temperature, humidity, frost, leaf wetness… Our sensors precisely measure changes in key agro-meteorological parameters for your operations. 

Get real-timereliable and hyperlocal data thanks to the most comprehensive range of sensors for professionals in the world of agriculture on the market.

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Weather station

  • Description:

    The Weenat connected rain gauge is a multipurpose agro-weather sensor designed to help you make the right decisions every day. Placed very near to your crops, this mobile, wireless sensor measures rainfall, temperature and air humidity in real time.

    You can then access the data directly on your phone, tablet or computer, via the Weenat app. Use this information to work with the weather and optimize your interventions, from sowing to harvest. 

    For even greater precision, the Weenat weather station is also compatible with the best decision support tools on the market.

Connected anemometer


With its 360° vane and rotating cap, the Weenat connected anemometer lets you find out the wind speed and direction on your plots at any time. The sensor precisely measures wind variation and gusts.

So much information that you can use to decide if the conditions are right to start a treatment or an activity. Every 15 minutes, the sensor transmits the information measured to the Weenat app using a low-power wide-area network (Sigfox and LoRa).

Tensiometric probe

  • Data measured: Water availability (kPa) and soil temperature (°C)
  • Crops: All crops
  • Solutions: Irrigation management


Are you looking for precise data to manage your irrigation and optimize your water intake? Look no further. The tensiometric probe measures the matric water potential and temperature of your soil at various depths in real time.

The information collected by the sensor is then transmitted in real time to the Weenat app, which allows you to find out at a glance whether your plants need water.

Capacitive Probe

Une sonde capacitive pour les professionnels de l'agriculture
  • Data measured: Volumetric water content (%) and soil temperature (°C)
  • Crops: All crops
  • Solutions: Irrigation management


Placed very near to the roots, the Weenat capacitive probe precisely measures the volumetric water content and temperature of your soil every 10cm deep. Use this information to visualize the impact of rainfall or irrigation on your soil’s humidity… And easily decide when to start or stop your irrigation.

Weenat offers two sizes of capacitive probe. Choose the one better suited to the rooting depth of your crops.

 30cm probe: 3 measurement horizons
 60cm probe: 6 measurement horizons

Frost Sensor

  • Data measured: Dry exposed temperature and wet temperature (°C)
  • Crops: Viticulture, Fruit-growing
  • Solutions: Frost prediction


The Weenat frost sensor measures changes in dry and wet temperatures very near to the buds in real time. Reading these 2 parameters allows precise monitoring of the various types of frost, whether evaporation or radiation frosts.

In case of frost risk on your plot, you can set up an alert to inform you (by email, text message, push notification or phone call). You can then use the data collected by the frost sensor to predict spring frost periods and activate your protection mechanisms at the right time to protect your crops.

Leaf Wetness Sensor

  • Data measured: Duration and intensity of leaf wetness
  • Crops: Field crops, Viticulture, Fruit-growing
  • Solutions: Crop protection


Particularly appreciated by wine and fruit growers, the Weenat wetness sensor mimics the thermodynamic behavior of a leaf to precisely measure the presence of dew on your leaves. The sensor can be placed directly under the canopy thanks to its universal attachment system.

The device captures the duration and intensity of wetness on your leaves in real time, before transmitting the information to the Weenat app. Agricultural professionals can use this data to better predict the risk of fungal diseases on their crops and optimize their phytosanitary treatments.

Soil Thermometer

  • Data measured: Soil temperature (°C)
  • Crops: Field crops
  • Solutions: Temperature monitoring


    With the soil thermometer connected to the Weenat app, you can monitor the warmth of your soil at a glance to be ready to sow at the right time.

    The sensor measures soil temperature 10cm below ground. The information can then be accessed in real time via the Weenat app, which allows you to plan your interventions remotely… And save time.


    Un thermo-hygromètre pour les professionnels de l'agriculture
    • Data measured: Air temperature (°C) and humidity (%)
    • Crops: Field crops, Viticulture, Fruit-growing
    • Solutions: Connected weather data


    The thermometer-hygrometer allows you to monitor the relative humidity and air temperature.

    The sensor can be placed in refrigerators and silos to monitor their temperature in real time on your computer or phone. The thermometer-hygrometer also enables temperatures to be monitored in greenhouses or in fields.

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    Where are Weenat sensors designed?

    Designed and developed in France, Weenat’s sensors are assembled in the Nantes region, west France, by an adapted business that employs over 80% workers with disabilities. From the design of the sensor to data collection via integrating decision support tools, Weenat controls the whole value chain of its production.

    Do I have to buy a sensor to be able to use the Weenat app?

    The Weenat app can be used without buying a sensor. To benefit from hyperlocal agro-weather data, you can join a local connected weather network near you. You will then have access to data from all the weather stations on the network without having to invest in your own equipment.

    You also have access to more than 8 agro-meteorological parameters on your plots, without needing a sensor, thanks to our spatialized weather technology: Weather Vision. Weather Vision is available via a Weenat Expert subscription package.

    With our basic plan Weenat Essential, the app also allows you free and time-unlimited access to data from a virtual weather station. So you can get the weather on your plots in real time. Even without sensors!

    > See all Weenat app subscription packages.

    How do you set up Weenat agro-weather sensors?

    Weenat sensors are delivered ready to use with a setup guide. You can also find advice and tutorials in the Setting up sensors and accessories window in the Help section in the app.
    Also consider the setup location for your sensor. For a rain gauge, for example, make sure to choose a flat, open space. Avoid closeness to walls, buildings, trees or any other obstacle that might cover the rain gauge. Ideally, the distance between the rain gauge and any obstacle should be more than four times the height of the obstacle.

    Do my sensors need maintenance?

    Sensor maintenance is essential to guarantee the long-term accuracy and quality of measurements. A few simple actions are enough. To learn more, go to the Weenat app, then click on the Help section. There you will find a sub-section Sensor maintenance with extensive advice and video tutorials explaining how to maintain your equipment.

    How long does a Weenat agro-weather sensor’s battery last?

    The agricultural sensors developed by Weenat have an operating life of 3 to 5 years and are equipped with a replaceable battery.

    How does the agro-weather sensor communicate with the app?

    Sensors transmit data using low-frequency Sigfox and LoRa networks. This technology allows information to be transmitted over long distances without using SIM cards or Wi-Fi. It also uses much less energy than a standard mobile network such as 4G.

    Why link a Weenat sensor to your decision support tools?

    You can use some DSTs without connecting them to a sensor on your plots. But the quality of a DST’s results depends on the accuracy of the agro-meteorological data fed into the algorithm.
    Connecting one or more Weenat sensors to your decision support tools lets you supply them with hyperlocal, real-time measurements. The models’ recommendations will then be more reliable, more accurate and better adapted to conditions on your plots.

    Are the sensors geolocated?

    All our sensors for farmers are equipped with a GPS chip allowing them to be easily located.