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Accurate weather data so you can stay connected to your plots

In farming, weather is everywhere. Weenat helps you monitor the weather conditions in your fields with precision. To stay one step ahead of the weather, and make the right decisions.

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All the agro-weather data you need, in a SINGLE app

Learn how the Weenat app and connected weather can help you monitor weather conditions on your plots. With or without sensors. 



Live weather data on your plots

No more unnecessary trips to your plots!

Connect to the Weenat app on your computer, tablet or smartphone to view your agro-weather data.

And check the current weather conditions on your plots at a glance. 

L'application Weenat permet de suivre le vent en temps réel
Les prévisions météo de l'application Weenat


Always one step ahead of the weather

Tired of vague or inaccurate forecasts?

With the Weenat app, you can go further with precision and enjoy reliable and hyperlocal weather forecasts.


  • 15-day forecasts
  • Updated twice daily
  • Geolocated to your plot’s GPS coordinates


Clouds come and go, but the rain is always there

Did it rain last Saturday?

What was the temperature 3 weeks earlier?

Find the answer to all these questions and many others in your plot’s history.

Your plot’s history is like its memory. All your weather data is stored there with no time limit. Use this information to plan your interventions and create a report on your operations.

Les prévisions météo de l'application Weenat
Les prévisions météo de l'application Weenat
Un radar de pluie pour les professionnels de l'agriculture


The rain in your pocket

Thanks to the Weenat rain radar, you can monitor rainfall movements in real time on your plots and predict showers at a glance.

The radar includes a color scale with km² precision to help you quickly determine the intensity of the precipitation and its type.

Result: whether it’s heavy showers, light drizzle, snowfall or hail, you know what’s happening on your plots.


The right weather window for your interventions

With weather, it’s all a question of timing. To make sure you never miss your intervention window again, you can set up customized weather alerts. Weenat then warns you by email, text message, or notification in case of agro-climatic variation on your plot.

Le pluviomètre Weenat peut envoyer des alertes aux agriculteurs
Le pluviomètre Weenat peut envoyer des alertes aux agriculteurs

Try the Weenat app

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What’s the secret to reliable and accurate weather data?

Choosing a weather data source that’s adapted to your needs on the ground. At Weenat, we offer you 3 of them. With or without sensors, to cater to every taste.

Our sensors

Choose from a range of 8 French-made connected agro-weather sensors to get real-time weather data for your plots.

Meteo Vision

Get spatialized weather data with km² precision, and monitor 8 agro-weather parameters for your plots even without a sensor.

Our networks

Get data from weather stations near you thanks to over 160 Weenat partner weather networks.

We’re trusted by over 25,000 users

Hear their stories.

“The attraction of having connected weather is that you get the information instantly, without having to go out to your plots. That lets us save time, and make the right decisions.”

Olivier Curel
Fruit-grower in Vaucluse, south-east France

Check the weather on your plots

With or without an agro-weather station, get real-time access to agro-meteorological conditions on your plots and make the best decisions for your crops.


Weenat’s other solutions

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No more going back and forth between your plots to treat your crops. With Weenat, you know when and where to treat at a glance!

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Monitor the water status of your plots and optimise your water turns. Irrigate in the right place, at the right time.

Predict and monitor frost

Be ready for frost periods in spring and activate your defense mechanisms at the right time!