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Control your irrigation with precision

Are your plants getting too much water, or not enough? Thanks to capacitive or tensiometric sensors and the Weenat application, you can control your irrigation with the utmost precision.

Monitor the water status of your soil at different depths. See the impact of rain or irrigation in real time. And get a reliable measure of when to stop or start your irrigation.

Weenat tensiometer probes make it easier to control irrigation.
Real-time monitoring

the moisture content of your soil



15 days






Find out how Weenat sensors and the Weenat app can help you optimise your water supply thanks to precise knowledge of your soil.


Keep an eye on the water content of your soil

With Weenat’s connected sensors, controlling your irrigation just got easier. Monitor the water status of your soil at different depths in real time.

Weenat offers 2 types of sensor, suitable for all types of soil, all crops and all types of irrigation equipment:
Capacitive probe

CConsult your sensor data from your mobile or your computer… So you can control your irrigation with greater precision.

Weenat's capacitive probe measures water content by volume in real time
Access the data history of your agricultural tensiometer on the Weenat app


Adapt your irrigation to the needs of your plants

To better meet the needs of all types of irrigator, Weenat has introduced predefined thresholds for the main soil types.

Predefined thresholds enable you to translate the water status of your plot into a state of drought: saturation, comfort, vigilance or water stress.

They are displayed in the form of a colour graph, making it easy to monitor changes in tensiometry. For even greater precision, these thresholds can be customised. Adapt them to your soil type in just a few clicks.

Rainfall and irrigation are also shown on the graph. This gives you all the information you need to decide when to start or stop irrigation.


Create a personalised alert and say goodbye to water stress

Track changes in thresholds at a glance, thanks to the customisable alerts in the Weenat weather application.

As soon as the volumetric water content or water availability of a horizon changes threshold, you are warned by SMS, email or notification to take action as quickly as possible.

This allows you to optimise your irrigation, avoiding situations of water stress or saturation. All season long.

In the event of water stress, the capacitive sensor alerts the farmer.
Weenat weather forecasts


Benefit from ultra-local weather forecasts

Tired of erroneous or approximate forecasts? With Weenat, you can take precision even further. Access 15-day forecasts in a single application.

Hygrometry, temperature, ETP… Monitor all the key agro-meteorological parameters at a glance to control your irrigation. And anticipate the movement of rainfall with Weenat’s precipitation radar.

Weenat weather forecasts

Irrigate less. Produce more.
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The secret to controlling your irrigation?

It’s about choosing a tool that’s suited to your needs in the field. Weenat has 2 sensors to help you optimise your water supply: the tensiometer and the capacitive sensor.

The capacitive probe

The capacitive probe accurately measures the volumetric water content and temperature of your soil every 10 cm at various depths.

The Tensiometer

The tensiometer measures soil water potential and temperature at different depths in real time.

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Find out how Stéphane Dahirel uses Weenat sensors and the Weenat app on a daily basis to control his irrigation precisely.


If we reach a zone of water stress, it’s already too late. That’s why I’ve set up an alert to warn me if I’m being careless.

Stéphane Dahirel
Arable farmer in Morbihan, France

Weenat weather forecasts


Weedriq, the tool for predicting available water in the soil on D+7

Weedriq combine historical and real time informations ofWeenat’s tensiometers with local weather forecasts to simulate, on D+7, tensiometry changes, i.e. the force needed by roots to extract water from the soil.

So you can anticipate your irrigation much more easily!

Would you prefer a water balance?

Weenat has teamed up with the best decision-support tools to help you manage your water inputs with ever greater precision. Of the market Connect your sensors in just a few clicks to the water balances of our technical partners.

Optimise your inputs with Irré-LIS, the ARVALIS model available for a large number of crops.

Follow the water itinerary of your vines with precision thanks to itk’s Vintel OAD.

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Are you fed up with “wet finger” irrigation? Find out step-by-step how to boost the performance of your irrigation using control probes.

Weenat’s other solutions

Live weather reports for my plots

With Weenat, you can measure and observe all the agro-meteorological data for your plots in real time, with or without sensors.

Protecting my crops from pests and diseases

No more running between your plots to treat your crops. With Weenat, you know when and where to treat at a glance!

Anticipating and monitoring frost

Be prepared for spring frosts and use your frost protection measures at the right time!