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Manage your irrigation with precision

Are your plants getting too much water, or not enough? Thanks to capacitive or tensiometric probes and the Weenat app, you can manage your irrigation down to the smallest detail.

Monitor your soil’s water status at various depths. Visualize the impact of rain or irrigation in real time. And get reliable measurements to know when to stop or start irrigation.

Les sondes tensiométriques Weenat facilitent le pilotage de l'irrigation.
Real-time monitoring

of the water status of your soil









Find out how the Weenat app and probes can help you optimize your water intake thanks to precise information about your soil.


Monitor the water status of your soil

With Weenat’s connected probes, it’s easier to manage your irrigation. Monitor your soil’s water status at various depths in real time.

Weenat offers 2 types of probe, adapted for all soil types, all crops and all irrigation equipment:
 Tensiometric probe
 Capacitive probe

View data from your probe on your phone or your computer… And manage your irrigation with greater precision.

La sonde capacitive Weenat mesure la teneur en eau volumique en temps réel
Accédez à l'historique des données de votre tensiomètre agricole sur l'application Weenat


Adapt your irrigation to the needs of your plants

To better meet the needs of all types of irrigators, Weenat app provides preset thresholds for the main soil types.

The preset thresholds allow you to convert the water status of your plot into a dryness status: : saturation, confort, vigilance, ou water stress.

They are displayed with color graphics for easy tensiometric monitoring. For even greater precision, these thresholds are customizable. You can adapt them to your soil type in a few clicks.

Rain and irrigation are also displayed. So you have all the information you need to decide when to start or stop irrigation.


Create a customized alert and say goodbye to water stress

Monitor changes in thresholds at a glance thanks to the customizable alerts system in the Weenat app. 

As soon as the volumetric water content or water availability of a horizon changes threshold, you’ll be warned by text messageemail or notification to intervene as soon as possible.

This lets you optimize your irrigation, while avoiding water stress or saturation. All through the season.

En cas de stress hydrique, la sonde capacitive alerte l'agriculteur.
Les prévisions météo de l'application Weenat


Benefit from hyperlocal weather forecasts

Tired of vague or inaccurate forecasts? With Weenat, you can go further without losing precision. A single app gives you 15-day forecasts.

Humidity, temperature, PET… Monitor all the key agro-weather parameters at a glance for managing your irrigation. And predict rain movements thanks to the Weenat rainfall radar.

Les prévisions météo de l'application Weenat

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 What’s the secret to managing your irrigation?

Choosing a tool that’s adapted to your needs on the ground. At Weenat, we offer you 2 sensors to optimize your water intake: tensiometric probes and capacitive probes

Capacitive probe

Data measured: Volumetric water content (%) and soil temperature (°C)

Crops: All crops

Weenat capacitive probes have hyper-accurate sensors to measure the water content and temperature of your soil every 10cm. The sensors’ magnetic field allows the probe to determine the amount of water present in the soil (in %).

 30cm probe: 3 measurement horizons
 60cm probe: 6 measurement horizons

Tensiometric probe

Data measured: Water availability (kPa) and soil temperature (°C)

 Crops: All crops

Weenat tensiometers mimic the actions of a root. They are equipped with a Watermark plug able to precisely measure the force (in kPa) that roots have to exert to extract water from the soil as well as soil temperature. 

3 probe sizes: 30cm | 60cm | 90cm.

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“If you get to the water stress stage, it’s already too late. That’s why I set up an alert to warn me if I haven’t been vigilant enough.”

Stéphane Dahirel
Field crop farmer in Morbihan, north-west France

Les prévisions météo de l'application Weenat


Weedriq, the tool to predict the available water in the soil over the next 7 days

Weedriq combines historical and real-time information from Weenat tensiometric probes with local weather forecasts in order to model the change in tensiometry over the next 7 days, that is, the force that roots need to extract water from the soil.

This lets you predict your irrigation needs, a lot more easily!

Weenat’s other solutions

Live weather on your plots

With Weenat, measure and view the real-time agro-weather data for your plots with or without sensors.

Protect your crops from bio-aggressors

No more going back and forth between your plots to treat your crops. With Weenat, you know when and where to treat at a glance!

Predict and monitor frost

Be ready for frost periods in spring and activate your defense mechanisms at the right time!