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Take control of tomorrow’s weather

Don’t let climate hazards take you by surprise ever again.

Discover our range of predictive tools for agriculture. And take control of the weather.

Whether it’s managing your irrigation, or protecting your crops against frost

Weenat helps you stay one step ahead of climate hazards.

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Why use predictive tools in agriculture?

The first step for finding out what’s happening on your land and making the right decisions is measuring.

That’s exactly what our agro-weather sensors are there for.

They observe what’s happening on your plots. In real time.

Stay one step ahead of the weather

But to help you plan your activities, and always stay one step ahead of the weather, we wanted to go the extra mile.

So we developed predictive tools.

These DSTs use the data from your plots to predict what will happen next.

The right tools for the right decisions

The winning combination of sensors and predictive tools lets you know if a frost is coming, or if you need to irrigate.

Now, and over the next few days.

This lets you optimize each of your decisions. Reduce your inputs consumption. And protect your harvest. 

At Weenat, our team has designed 2 predictive tools.

💧 Weedriq to predict your irrigations 

WeeFrost to anticipate spring frosts


A DST to predict the risk of water stress.

With Weedriq, you know how much water will be in your soil next week.

Weedriq is available to all Weenat Expert users equipped with tensiometers.

Thanks to the Weedriq DST, water stress won’t take you by surprise ever again. Because you’ve got the answers ahead of time to the two big questions in irrigationWhen and How much?

Thanks to this information, you can…

  • Plan your irrigation activities in advance
  • Monitor changes in past and future tensiometry in real time
  • Intake exactly the amount of water needed for your crops to grow

Basically, you’re guaranteed to irrigate in the right place, at the right time. The result? You can avoid unnecessary trips, plan your employees’ work, and save time.

How does Weedriq work?

Tensiometry and Artificial Intelligence

Weedriq is a model designed with artificial intelligence that combines historical and real-time information from Weenat connected tensiometric probes with local weather forecasts in order to model the change in tensiometry over the next 7 days, that is, the force that roots need to extract water from the soil.

 4 years of field research

The tool is the result of 4 years of research. It was designed by Weenat teams with the help of data from over 2,500 sensors set up in real conditions on more than 250 plots.

Today, Weedriq is available for all irrigated crops. Weedriq continues to be developed, with the aim of extending the model to the majority of irrigated crops and irrigation systems.

We use artificial intelligence (AI) to predict changes in water potential over the next 7 days using tensiometry, rain and temperature. The model is recalibrated every day thanks to Weenat sensors present on the plot, which allows constantly increasing accuracy and reliability in the forecasts.”

Pierre Giquel
Agronomic engineer at Weenat


The first DST to forecast the risk of frost on your plots

WeeFrost is an email alert service to give a precise 4-day forecast of the risk of frost on your plots.

Every WeeFrost email contains the information you need to plan your fight against frost and allow you to assess the risk level on your plots at a glance.

Use WeeFrost’s forecasts to optimize activation of your defense mechanisms, and protect your harvest against spring frosts.

Un agriculteur utilise WeeFrost pour surveiller le risque de gel sur ses parcelles

How does WeeFrost work?

WeeFrost is an algorithm that corrects standard weather forecasts to tailor them to conditions on your plots.

In practical terms, Weenat team analyzed 2 years of historical observations on the ground and forecasts on over 800 weather stations in France.

From this data, they developed an evolutionary algorithm. In other words, the more the model collects data, the more accurate it becomes.

The algorithm gathers weather forecasts from the AROME and ARPEGE models at Météo France. Then it calibrates them to the observations on the ground from weather stations near you.

This means you get a frost risk forecast that’s PLOT-SPECIFIC, RELIABLE, and ACCURATE. Use this information to optimize activation of your frost defense mechanisms.

Further, you can combine WeeFrost forecasts and real-time observations from your connected frost sensor. Because fighting frost is a battle. And your best weapon for defeating it is having the right information.

They tested it for you

This year, we had severe frosts that were measured in real time by Weenat frost sensors arranged on our plots, but predominantly modeled and predicted ahead of time by the WeeFrost DST.

Matthieu Grassin
Head of Vineyards at the Grands Chais de France Group

How do Weenat’s predictive tools work?

Our predictive tools are actually algorithms. Mathematical formulas tested on the ground.

These equations are based on analyzing hundreds of millions of agronomic and meteorological data points to predict what’s going to happen.


💧 The Weedriq algorithm combines historical and real-time data from your tensiometric probes with local weather forecasts to simulate changes in the tensiometry in your soil over the next 7 days.

⛄ The WeeFrost algorithm gathers standard weather forecasts. Then it calibrates these forecasts to observations on the ground from weather stations near you to improve their reliability.


You can see the results straight away: 

➡️ You save water and time every day thanks to Weedriq’s irrigation forecasts.

➡️ Up to 30% greater accuracy on minimum temperature forecasts and harvests better protected against frost with WeeFrost.

But the best thing is that these algorithms are evolutionary. In other words, the more you use them, the most data they have access to, and the more accurate their forecasts are. 

If you’re interested in the predictive models developed by Weenat, contact us!

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