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The agricultural weather app for professionals

Are you an agricultural professional? 

Thanks to the Weenat agro-weather app, you can precisely monitor current weather conditions on your fields. 

Use the Weenat app FOR FREE and WITH NO TIME LIMIT, so you can always stay one step ahead of the weather.

L'application météo agricole Weenat aide les agriculteurs au quotidien

Learn how the Weenat app helps you to monitor the weather on your plots with precision and make the best decisions for your organization.

Take your weather everywhere with you

With the Weenat app, keep an eye on your crops 24/7, even remotely! Get connected with one click on your phone, tablet or computer, and access dozens of unprecedented features:

  • Real-time weather
  • Rain radar
  • 15-day forecast
  • Unlimited history
  • Personalized alerts
  • Cumulative rainfall and temperature
  • Advice on the best treatment ranges
  • Compatibility with your favorite DSTs
Un radar de pluie gratuit sur l'application Weenat

Monitor the weather live on your plots

Real-time monitoring

For precise management, the app updates its data every 15 minutes. Get real-timespatialized weather data to precisely monitor changes in agro-climatic conditions on your plots.

No more unnecessary trips to your plots! 

Get connected to the Weenat app to check the weather on your fields remotely. And optimize the way you organize your agricultural activities.

L'application de météo connectée Weenat fournit des prévisions fiables et ultra-locales
L'application de météo connectée Weenat fournit des prévisions fiables et ultra-locales


Tired of vague or inaccurate forecasts? 

The Weenat agro-weather app includes 15-day professional weather forecasts. These forecasts are updated twice a day, and give an hour-by-hour breakdown, to help you plan your day efficiently.

And for even more precision, our forecasts are geolocated to your plots’ GPS coordinates. This provides you with hyperlocal weather data. Instead of the weather in the nearest town, the app actually gives you the weather on your plots.

L'application de météo connectée Weenat fournit des prévisions fiables et ultra-locales

Never miss the right weather window again


Work with peace of mind! The Weenat agro-weather app lets you set one or more alerts to be warned in case of rain on your plot.

Create an alert, and Weenat will automatically warn you by emailtext message or notification in case of agro-meteorological changes on your plot.


Did it rain last night? 

How many millimeters of rain fell in 24 hours?

Find the answer to all these questions and many others in your plot’s history.

Your plot’s history is like its memory. All your weather and agronomic data is stored there. With no time limit. Use this information to prove that you worked following a strict set of specifications, and produce a report on your operations.

Les alertes météo connectées vous aident à planifier vos chantiers

Try the Weenat app

Discover the app’s features for free and with no time limit with Weenat Essential.

What’s the secret to reliable and accurate weather data?

Choosing a weather data source that’s adapted to your needs on the ground. At Weenat, we offer you 3 of them. With or without sensors, to cater to every taste.

Our sensors

Choose from a range of 8 French-made connected agro-weather sensors to get real-time weather data for your plots.

Meteo Vision

Get spatialized weather data with km² precision, and monitor 8 agro-weather parameters for your plots even without a sensor.

Our networks

Get data from weather stations near you thanks to over 160 Weenat partner weather networks.

We’re trusted by over 18,000 users

Hear their stories.

“The attraction of having connected weather is that you get the information instantly, without having to go out to your plots. That lets us save time, and make the right decisions.”

Olivier Curel
Fruit-grower in Vaucluse, south-east France

Subscription packages tailored to your agricultural needs

With or without agro-weather stations, choose from our 3 subscription plans and get all the features of the Weenat app. Stay one step ahead of the weather! 



(for life)

Daily weather with no time limits and no commitment.



Per user

agro-weather data



Per user

Even more precise management for your organization



(for life)

Daily weather with no time limits and no commitment.

Main features
  • Daily weather on 2 plots
  • 4-day forecast
  • 24h history
  • Rain radar
  • 1-month trial subscription to a weather network (subject to network acceptance)


14€ /month

per user (annual billing)

agro-weather data

Main features
  • Connection to sensors
  • Unlimited sensor data history
  • Spatial weather forecast for 2 plots
  • 15-day weather forecast
  • Connection to OADs
  • Unlimited and customisable agro-weather alerts
  • Rain radar
  • Weephyt
  • Access to weather networks (subject to acceptance by the network)


25€ /month

per user (annual billing)

Even more precise management for your organization

Main features

All the features of the Plus subscription, plus :

  • Irrigation control
  • METEO VISION over 15 plots
  • Unlimited spatialised weather history calibrated with field data
  • Frost alerts over 5 phone numbers

Don’t know which subscription package is right for you?


Contact us.


How does the rain radar in the Weenat app work?

The rain radar shows you current, past and future movements of rain masses on your plots.

For this, several physical radars are placed on the ground. Each radar continuously emits electromagnetic waves, over a range of 230 kilometers. When these waves reach precipitation areas, they reflect off the obstacles and return to the radar. The intensity of this echo is measured in decibels (dBz) to determine the intensity of the precipitations observed and create an image of the rain at a time T.

Do you have to pay to use the weather data app developed by Weenat for farmers?

Weenat is an agro-weather app for professionals. Thanks to Weenat Essential, our basic plan, you can use the app for free and without time limits to get the weather on your plots.

For greater precision, treat yourself to the best agro-weather data around with our Weenat Plus or Weenat Expert plans. And unlock all the app’s features (15-day weather forecast, personalized alerts, unlimited history, decision support tools and more).

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