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Weenat supports farmers faced with climate hazards

It all began in 2014, when Jérôme Le Roy, a farmer’s grandson, noticed something: our ancestors’ sayings no longer predict the seasons. Climate change is highly topical and impacts every crop…

Discover Weenat’s story and how it’s involved in the world of agriculture.

Our story

It’s a fact: in farming, weather is everywhere. 

Whether you’re trying to find the right intervention window for sowing, plan your treatments at the right time or know when to start irrigation… The weather is the rhythm of your seasons, and impacts all your decisions. 

It’s the cornerstone of farming.

The problem?

Farming today has to face more violent and more frequent climate hazards. Like the historic drought of 2020. Or the catastrophic frosts of April 2021.

And if that wasn’t enough, consumers are raising their requirements for food provenance and quality. And farmers, caught between a rock and a hard place, are seeing new regulatory constraints being added to an already long list.

So in 2014 when Jérôme Le Roy, a farmer’s grandson, created Weenat, he had one clear idea in mind:

Helping professionals in the sector by making them able to use their phone for direct access to reliable information on soil, plants, and the weather.

His hunch

If farmers know EXACTLY what’s happening on their plots, they’ll be able to make the best decisions and improve their agronomic outcomes.

No sooner said than done.

Weenat launched its first French weather station connected to a web and mobile app.

Since then, the idea has grown.

Over 18,000 farmers use Weenat solutions to manage their activities every day.

And together, we’re paving the way towards precision agriculture: more sustainable, better performing and civic-minded.

Our mission

Weenat’s purpose?

Helping you make the best decisions for your crops.

We support you every day with reliable information about the weather on your plots.

Because we’re convinced that if you know what’s happening in your fields, you can…

  • Save time
  • Avoid unnecessary trips
  • Reduce inputs
  • Predict climate hazards
  • And improve end-of-season yields

    Any way to help you stay one step ahead of the weather is good. So we developed 3 technologies that make life easier for thousands of farmers:

    Connected sensors

    To measure what’s happening on your plots in real time

    Meteo Vision

    A km²-precise spatialized weather solution

    Predictive models

    To help you make the right decisions

    And it’s all together in one place. That way, you have all the information in a single app. And you can take your weather everywhere with you.


    Our commitments


    When you buy from Weenat, you get more than just a sensor.

    All Weenat sensors are made in LA (Loire Atlantique in west France, that is) with ❤️. Assembly takes place at adapted businesses, employing over 80% workers with disabilities.

    Since 2014, our teams have soldered, cut, assembled, coded and innovated to create THE sensor that will support you every day on the ground. And for that, we do everything we can to make our sensors sturdy and easy to maintain. 


    That means that in case of a breakdown, you can order replacement parts, then carry out repairs in a few minutes. Without needing an engineer. That changes everything.

    Because instead of buying a disposable sensor that will last a few years at best, you’re investing in robust equipment. Which will last you for life.

    Our work

    If we’re going to measure the weather on your plots, we should do it right.

    Otherwise you could just go to any weather site to get an idea of how much it rained. 

    The problem is that in farming, “an idea” isn’t enough.

    Because decisions based on “an idea” mean lower end-of-season yields. 

    So we do our utmost to create precision connected weather and agronomic solutions that can tell you EXACTLY what’s happening in your fields.

    And we gathered a team of experts from all over to do it!

    Specialists in weather data

    To create hyperprecise measurement tools for you.


    To manufacture sturdy and reliable sensors for you.


    To develop innovative decision support tools for you.


    To code an app that really takes care of you.

    Fantastic client support

    To support you every day.

    With this small army behind you, you know you’re in good hands. From data to decisions, we support you throughout the agro-weather data value chain. 

    Our Partners

    To offer you the best in precision agronomy, Weenat works with over 160 partners and distributors.

    Together, we’re constantly innovating to set THE standard for agro-weather services, in France and in Europe.

    Partner with us! 

    Are you a farming cooperative, a trading company or a chamber of agriculture?

    Partner with Weenat and create your own connected weather network to bring your members reliable, hyperlocal agro-weather data.