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Optimize your strategy for protecting your crops

Thanks to Weenat’s solutions, you can precisely monitor key agro-weather parameters for your operations. Predict attacks by bio-aggressors. Determine the best time to intervene on your plots. And protect your crops against pests and disease.  

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Optimisez votre stratégie de protection des cultures


Advice on

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Treat less. Treat better.

Learn how the Weenat app and connected weather stations can help you to better protect your crops against disease.


Keep an eye on your crops 24/7

Placed near your crops, Weenat agro-weather sensors precisely measure the agro-meteorological parameters that may impact the spread of bio-aggressors.

➡ The Weather station measures rain, temperature and humidity.
➡ The Anemometer measures wind speed, direction, and gusts.
➡ The Leaf wetness sensor measures the duration and intensity of humidity under plant cover.

Don’t want to invest in sensors? Choose data from Meteo Vision and get spatialized weather data with km² precision.

Connect to the Weenat app on your computer, tablet or smartphone to precisely monitor the agro-meteorological parameters that may impact the spread of bio-aggressors. And use this information to keep your harvest safe.


Application météo pour protéger les cultures
L'OAD Weephyt aide les agriculteurs à optimiser leurs traitements phytosanitaires


Treat where you need to, when you need to

There are dozens of ways for a treatment to fail because of the weather.
Too much wind? Bad humidity? Risk of rain?

For you, that means losing time… And money. But above all, a harvest that’s less well protected.

So to help you treat while working with the weather, Weenat developed Weephyt. A simple, practical decision support tool that tells you the best weather window to intervene.

With Weephyt…

  • You get reliable recommendations tailored to the weather on your plots. For successful treatments. Every time.
  • You avoid traveling to your plots when the conditions aren’t right to intervene.
  • You choose the treatment. And you always apply the right dose, at the right time. In accordance with regulations.



Clouds come and go, but the rain is always there

Did it rain last Saturday?

What was the temperature 3 weeks earlier?

Find the answer to all these questions and many others in your plot’s history.

Your plot’s history is like its memory. All your weather data is stored there with no time limit. Use this information to plan your interventions and create a report on your operations.


Les prévisions météo de l'application Weenat
Les prévisions météo de l'application Weenat
Le pluviomètre Weenat peut envoyer des alertes aux agriculteurs


The right weather window for your interventions

With weather, it’s all a question of timing.

To make sure you never miss your intervention window again, you can set up customized weather alerts.

Weenat then warns you by email, text message, or notification in case of agro-climatic variation on your plot.


Assess diseases pressure on your crops and predict risks

Weenat sensors are compatible with the leading DSTs (decision support tools) on the market.

Connect your sensors to these tools to benefit from custom recommendations perfectly tailored to your cultivation context.

The main DSTs compatible with the Weenat app:

  • Movida® (Downy and powdery mildew – Vines)
  • RIMpro (Apple scab, Downy mildew – Fruit-growing, Vines)
  • Xarvio® (Leaf spot – Field crops)
  • Apple Scab DST (apple scab)
Connectez-vous à plus de 20 outils d'aide à la décision pour les professionnels agricoles

RIMpro® at a glance

Connectez-vous à plus de 20 outils d'aide à la décision pour les professionnels agricoles

RIMpro® at a glance

What’s the secret to reliable and accurate weather data?

Choosing a weather data source that’s adapted to your needs on the ground. At Weenat, we offer you 3 of them. With or without sensors, to cater to every taste.

Our sensors

Choose from a range of 8 French-made connected agro-weather sensors to get real-time weather data for your plots.

Meteo Vision

Get spatialized weather data with km² precision, and monitor 8 agro-weather parameters for your plots even without a sensor.

Our networks

Get data from weather stations near you thanks to over 160 Weenat partner weather networks.

We’re trusted by over 18,000 users

Hear their stories.

“The first thing I do every morning is look at the data from my weather station. Sometimes conditions mean I can’t go out and treat. And when you do treatments at 4 or 5 in the morning, that information is really worth having.”

Jean-Marie Fontaine
Field crop farmer in the Aine, north France

Weenat’s other solutions

Live weather on your plots

With Weenat, measure and view the real-time agro-weather data for your plots with or without sensors.

Manage your irrigation

Monitor the water status of your plots and optimise your water turns. Irrigate in the right place, at the right time.

Predict and monitor frost

Be ready for frost periods in spring and activate your defense mechanisms at the right time!